Cervical Strength Training

Cervical Strength Training


Head and neck injuries are often an occupational risk in many collision sports. In some cases, such as combat sports, head injuries are unavoidable.

Consequently, head trauma can result in concussion, cranial fractures, haematomas, and fatalities.

Although there is no full-proof answer to cancel out these types of injuries, neck strength can significantly reduce the severity of head and neck injuries through targeted strengthening of neck musculature.

This is easily achieved by using correct techniques applied by an experienced therapist or even more effectively by using specific exercise machines that target neck extensors, flexors and lateral flexors.


Specialised Neck Exercises

At Vis-Therapeia were offer a very unique training protocol using specialised exercise equipment to help strengthen muscles of the cervical spine.

This training protocol is both preventative and remedial in nature and people including athletes from rugby, football, martial arts, boxing will benefit.

Furthermore, people who have suffered whiplash or experience frequent neck pain will also benefit from our neck exercise programme.

"Neck strength can significantly reduce the severity of head and neck injuries"


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